Alopecia and Hairloss Solutions

Alopecia is an Auto Immune disease where the immune system attacks the hair follicles causing patches of hair to fall out or in some cases causing total baldness on the scalp face or body.

My personal story with my Mom’s hairloss has led me into much study through the years on BFRD’s(Body Focused Repetitive Disorder) and Alopecia Auto Immune. I have worked on hundreds of Alopecia clients that recover from the lost confidence and self-consciousness that the lack of eyebrows and eyelashes can create. As one of my female Alopecia Totalis clients that was in the military said “I can live without hair, but not without Eyebrows.” This quote has been told to me through the years by so many Alopecia sufferers and I am in the business of restoring to you that very thing!

Other Types of Medical Hairloss Include

  • Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (brows and receding Hairline)
  • Chemotherapy/Radiation From Cancer Treatment
  • BFRB (Body Focused Repetitive Behavior) Hair Pulling
  • Thyroid Conditions (brow loss or sparse brows)
  • Andro Genetic Alopecia: Female or Male Pattern Baldness

Paramedical Cosmetic Tattoo provides Solutions!

  • Scalp Microchanneling - Scalp Hairloss can be restored by follicle stimulation through MicroChanneling for Scalp using stem cell therapy to stimulate Hair Growth for thinning hair and Female Pattern Baldness
  • Scalp Camouflage/Micropigmentation- can be used especially for Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia and Andro Genetic Alopecia (loss of hair in beard or frontal and Vortex of Scalp) works to camouflage the appearance of very fine or thinning hair.
  • Microblading Eyebrows- A form of Cosmetic Tattoo can create an illusion of hair as each stroke simulates the size of a real hair.
  • Permanent Eyeliner- to Camouflage the Loss of Eyelashes and create definition for eyes. Alopecia requires a special eyeliner technique using pigment in the lash root area and on base of eyelid making loss of eye lashes undiscernable.
  • Lash MD- lash growth serum for thinning lashes
  • Jane Iredale Supplements -Hair Thickening vitamins by Jane Iredale are good for anyone with thinning Hair

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