• Micro Channeling/Microneedling -$450
    Works with Your Body to rejuvenate Collagen filling in Lines, Wrinkles and Scars.
    MicroChanneling uses a 1mm needle depth (.5mm for sensitive skin) as compared to Micro Needling which uses .25mm needle depth, along with Procell Therapies professional Micro Channeling Technique, in which skin is pre-exfoliated, a professional grade Stem Cell Serum applied, followed by the micro needling of skin with our 24 point disposable micro needle. Micro Channels of the skin are open for a short time and the pre-treat and serum intensify the procedure results, which increase fibroblast cells producting collagen, smoothing the lines and wrinkles, filling in scars such as acne and chicken pox. The Service is followed by Light Therapy to reduce inflammation and further accelate results. A Home Care Kit of aftercreme, deluxe mineral make-up sample and instructions is included.

  • Microneedling for Face - $350
    A Powerful treatment in it’s own right. Same as Micro Channeling without the pre-treatment procedure and the Professional Stem Serum during the session. Micro Needling is recommended every 6-8 weeks for at least 3 sessions and as many as 6-8 in cases of deep wrinkles or deep scars.

  • Add Neck - $200

  • Neck and Decollete - $350

  • Body Stretch Marks -$250

    Christine is a Board Certified Micropigmentation Practitioner that has practiced Micro Needling since 2013. Studied under Dr. Lance Setterfeld, Renowned MicroNeedling Expert. All procedures are performed with sterile needles. Anesthetic is used topically during all procedures to ensure comfort.

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