Permanent Cosmetics

CT-Style News 8, Apr 30 2018

The process involves implanting sterile pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. Custom colors are selected to compliment your skin tone, hair and eyes. Micro pigmentation / permanent makeup is a safe, non-surgical procedure which can restore or improve on the natural youthful color that time has faded. We use the state-of-the-art digital machine to minimize discomfort and maximize results.

  • What are Ombre Eyebrows
    • Ombre eyebrow design is a highly popular technique that is used to create stunning natural looking eyebrows, which are artificially crafted with precision to produce the alluring effect of soft natural looking powder brows.
    • The highly skilled artistic technique gives the illusion of contrasted graduated blending, which has been popularised by celebrities on a global scale.
    • Ombre Brows are ideal for clients who have oily or thin skin, although the technique can be applied to suit all customers and skin types.
    • Ombre Brows can be designed to create soft subtle statement brows or if desired, elegant defined bold features.

  • Glamour Eyebrow
    Microblading Handtool using a shading needle to fill brow and define eyebrow. Beneficial when brow hair is uneven.

  • Smokey Eyeliner
    Create a smokey eye effect, by this eyeliner technique that looks beautiful on a fuller eyelid. Smokey eye uses a dark color at the base and a halo of brown, taupe, misty blue green, khaki, or plum tone over the dark with various shading that creates the look of dynamic eyes.

  • Upper and Lower Eyeliner
    One of the top requested procedures is Eyeliner. Pigment in Black Noir, Midnight Brown/Black Deep Navy is implanted using a Digitial Noveau Contour Machine. The eyeliner technique will define your specific eye shape.

  • Accent Liner or French Line
    A thin white line to open small eyes with a narrow lid. The French line is placed precisely above the upper liner of darker shade.

  • Lip Liner
    Lip color is used to define uneven lip shape and enhance small lips.

  • Full/Ombre Lip
    Ombre Lip is a gradient color from dark on outer edge and medium to lightest in center of bottom lip to create a 3D effect that brings fullness to thinning lips. Created with our digitial Machine for stability and perfection.

  • Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner
    This is a very thin eyeliner effect placed in the lash root and is perfect for those who don’t want the look of a liner but due to thinning lashes have lost the definition and intensity of your eyes. Wonderful Pick and beautiful with a French liner over it $600 upper and Lower and $500 for upper. Picture is labeled in perm cosmetic folder within June website updates

  • Microblading
    The most precise hairlike strokes are created with a handtool and very fine micro blade. This is an advanced technique using artistry and skill only to be performed by a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist. More details view our Microblading Page.

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