Vasculyse is a non-invasive aesthetic procedure designed to treat vascular blemishes such as:
  • Broken Capillaries - Small blood vessels located in the dermis.
  • Telangiectasia - Dilated capillaries, fine red lines visible on the surface of the skin.
  • Ruby Points - A concentration of dilated capillaries of a circular shape.
  • Skin Tags
  • Spider Angioma - A star or spider-shaped telangiectasia.
Price:$175 - approximately 20  minute session.

It’s Time to Come out of the RED!
      Is your skin at a deficit due to hormones, sun exposure, or menopause? To name a few of the causes of annoying tiny broken blood vessels called telangestacia, that generally appear around the neck and cheeks. Your skin can move from breaking out of vascular blemishes to breaking even! Dilated capillaries or telangestacia can occur from other sources too; such as too much alcohol, hot and spicy foods (my favorite), exposure to harsh elements (cold weather), and medical conditions like high blood pressure. Although, you may have none of the mentioned above precursors to telangestacia, they may be hereditary occurring predominantly in Nordic women with classic, fair, thin skin. Telangiectasia has several other vascular cousins. They are star or spider angiomas, ruby points and skins tags. The star or spider angiomas are broken capillaries, which actually looks like a star or spider with small red line coming out of the center point. The ruby point can almost appear to be a raised, circular shaped concentration of dialated capillaries, all of these are easily treated with a non-invasive vascular treatment called vasculyse. Vasculyse works best on well-mosturized skin so consider getting a facial the week before, and drinking lots of water several days prior. Vasculyse treats capillaries above the waist only. Broken blood vessels in legs cannot be treated.
Contraindications include anyone with the following:
  • Currently taking High Blood Pressure Meds
  • Currently taking Blood thinners such as Coumadin
  • Metal implants in the body
  • Diabetes II
The above conditions should NOT be treated with Vasculyse

Ruby point
Skin Tag
Spider Angioma
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