My mother encouraged me as a young girl, to find joy in art! With her prodding, I began to draw and sketch, little did I know my artwork would actually be on the faces of women and men all throughout New England, all of them seeking to restore a youthful look that time had faded.

As a 12 year old girl watching my mom apply her Maybelline Medium Brown Eyebrow Pencil to her brow area was an everyday ritual often resulting in uneven placement. I didn’t realize how many people actually suffer painstakingly with drawing eyebrows DAILY, both men and women. My mother’s condition was a direct result of a form of a BFRD (body focused repetitive disorder) aka Trichotillomania leaving her the loss of all her lashes and brows.


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It wasn’t until Mom retired to a warmer climate that she discovered the brow pencil drawing wasn’t lasting the day. Frustrated with constantly reapplying eyebrow pencil, Mom gave me the commission “Find Me an eyebrow make-up that will STAY ON.”

I searched for the miracle product…. A product that could handle the Southern heat and humidity as well as be fresh after going in the pool, only to discover it didn’t exist. The one thing that allured me though, was something called permanent cosmetics, a precise way to tattoo make-up into skin.

Christine Zimmerman

More about A journey to nu yu

Since I already worked applying make-up to countless faces while traveling as a make-up artist, I thought tattooing the make-up was a great alternative and a way to make life simpler my mother, no one I valued & loved more!

So in 2003, I took the training that was about to revolutionize life as I knew it. I learned that tons of people were just like my mom, some were from over tweezing, some BFRD, many from Alopecia, others just sparse or light brows and lashes.

Christine Zimmerman

I Look forward to meeting you and hearing about your Journey to A Nu Yu…

 I plunged headlong into a most interesting field I could ever imagine and never looked back since 2003 when I opened A Nu Yu Studio in Guilford, CT and now an opportunity to create a path of success for others and pass on my years of experience and training with our expansion of A Nu Yu Academy!

Christine Zimmerman

My Passion and Expertise Through the years…

October 2023 SPCP Dallas Fort Worth, TEXAS Convention

· June 2023 Updated Train the Trainer SPCP Society of Permanent Cosmetics

· AAM Diamond Trainer Member Credential

· Sept 2022 AAM Virtual Continuing Education & Infection Control

· Sept 2021 Las Vegas, NV SPCP Convention

· June 2020 Master’s Training for Plasma Pen (virtual) via LONDON trainers

· April 2020 Society of Permanent Cosmetics March Convention (virtual) 24 hours of Education on Lip, Eyeliner, Brows , Scars and Areola Restoration procedures from top trainers around the United States

· 2019 LONDON International PMU Convention and Plasma Skin Tightening Education Training with Theresa Wild UK Trainer Nano Lines and Combo Brow

· 2018 July, America The Beautiful, Hollywood CA, Masters ClassPermanent Makeup Powder and Ombre Brows

· 2017 Oct SPCP Scar Camouflage/Advanced Microblading Memphis, TN

· 2017 Worldwide Permanent Makeup Conference Training in Crawley, UK

· 2016 Boodborne Pathogens infection control

· 2016 Online Course for Dermatillomania and Trichotillomania (skin picking and hair pulling)

· 2016 Microblading Eyebrows, Beverly Hill, CA trained Aprenticed w/Bonnie Hall Philadelphia, PA

· 2016 SPCP Convention Las Vegas, NV, Micro Needling with Lance Setterfeld, Microblading, Tina Davies, and Certification in Breast Restoration after Mastectomy

· 2016 Congress of Aesthetics Philadelphia, PA Light Therapy Collagen Building Skin Treatment

· 2015 SPCP Conference Queen Mary Long Beach, CA Microblading Introduction

· 2014 CPR and Blood borne Pathogens updates

· 2014 SPCP Atlanta, GA Micro Needling(collagen induction technique) BBP Certified

· 2014 SPCP Convention Philadelphia, PA Eyebrow Masters Class London

· 2013 SPCP New Orleans, LA Convention Training BBP Certified

· 2012 SPCP Albequerque, NM Convention Training Advanced Scar Camouflage Trauma & Burns BBPC

· 2011 SPCP Philadelphia, PA Convention Training Breast Restoration Arcola Pigmentation

· 2011 SPCP San Diego, CA Convention Training, Blood borne Pathogens Certified

· 2010 Breast Reconstruction Areola 3D Scar Camouflage Beau Institute NJ

· 2009 SPCP Philadelphia, PA Convention Training Blood borne Pathogens Certified

· 2008 SPCP Board Certification Exam, Train the Trainer, Convention, Orlando, FL

· 2008 Beau Institute Advanced Areola Repigmentation & Breast Scars NJ

· 2007 AAM Training Del Mar, CA Dry Needling for Scars ( MTA)

· 2007 SPCP Savannah, GA Convention

· 2006 SPCP Toronto, CN Convention Blood borne Pathogens Certified

· 2005 SPCP Mission Bay, CA Blood borne Pathogens Certified

· 2004 AAM *American Academy Micropigmentation Board Certification Exam, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

· 2004 Boca Ta-2 Salt/Saline Tattoo Removal/ Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner and Lip Procedures

· 2003 Beau Institute Micropigmentation Training, NJ

· 2002 Fundamental Cosmetic Tattoo Training with L. R . Connecticut

· 2001-2011 American Cancer Society Look Good, Feel Good Trainer at St Raphael, Griffin, Yale Hospitals

· 1998 Catherine Hinds Boston, MA Scar Camouflage Make-up

· 1997 Atelier Esthetic New York, NY Advanced Skin Chemical and Acid Peels

· 1997 Galmar Institute North Haven, CT graduated Aesthetics Training Program

· 1991 Regional Makeup Artist New England exp. with Lancôme, Chanel, Ultima, Cosmetics Manager Prescriptives


licensed aesthetician


Office Manager

The nu Yu Team

Margaret Opatrny is the office manager at A Nu Yu. Margaret graduated from The University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Management. She brings over 30 years of experience in the business world and spa industry, where she practiced Massage Therapy. With her warm and friendly demeanor, she offers each clients a pleasant experience from the moment they walk in the door until they exit the studio. In addition to her exceptional customer service she keeps all the bells and whistles operating in our busy studio and academy.

Melissa is an licensed aesthetician of 18 years, graduating from Gal-Mar Academy as well as New York City Dermalogica Dermatology School. She has expertise in medi-aesthetics, facial peels, as well as make-up artistry. Making people look and feel good is the work that is true to her heart ....and making the universe a more beautiful place starting with A Nu Yu !

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