Training you for a career path through the art of transforming lives with Permanent Cosmetic Art and Medi-Aesthetics

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Students must present a valid photo identification, be over the age of 18 

Please Note Any restrictions with vision, mobility (walking up stairs) , schedule availability 


Thank you for your interest in an exciting new career path through the art of transforming lives with Permanent Cosmetic Art and Medi-Aesthetics! Your application is being reviewed, we will respond within 24-48 hours when you will proceed to reserve your seat at the A Nu Yu Academy  



Our training meets the requirements of the state of CT, The American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) and The Society of Permanent 
Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) for a 100-hour program. Our experienced, certified trainers will prepare you for this exciting field!

Fundamentals Permanent Cosmetics Training

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Our 2-day hands-on Blade and Shade class teaches you techniques to create beautiful, natural-looking hair stroke brows utilizing the manual method with microblades and how to add depth and realism by adding shading with both manual and machine methods. This allows for greater definition and retention for clients requesting microblade and shaded brows. Learn how to identify skin types to determine who is a candidate for this procedure, before and aftercare that will ensure great results, various needle groups, and how to select the best one for any skin type to maximize results. 

‍Your Instructor is a Diamond AAM & SPCP/CPCP Trainer

Microblading “blade n shade” Training

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Attend A FREE 1 ½ hour FACE Microchanneling Workshop Live Model Demonstration and A Raffle to WIN A MD Microchannel NEXT Date TBD scan QR Code to sign up for Training and Info. Discover a Powerful Medical Aesthetics Technique to radically improve skin texture, build collagen and reduce wrinkles and acne scars.  

MD Microchanneling 


If you are an Aesthetician, Nurse or A Licensed PMU Artist with 100 hours of training. We welcome you to participate in this advanced technique in skin tightening used the Love Plasma Pen Course.

Plasma training

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