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scar camouflage

At a Nu Yu, we understand that you have just gone through one of the most challenging events of your lifetime. You are at the end of a Great Battle! After your diagnosis you may have undergone chemotherapy treatment; the shock of hair loss, multiple steps of reconstruction. This final stage areola repigmentation, will help you feel complete and whole again. You are at an important part of your journey in becoming A Nu Yu!

  • Areola 3-D nipple simulation - $650 (Retouch included)
  • Unilateral Areola Tattoo - $500 (Retouch Included)

Areola Restoration is something to Look Forward To!

Christine is highly skilled in scars studying annually with top experts since 2004

The purpose of camouflage is to correct skin color defects, asymmetry problems, and to create the illusion of smoother skin. Scar Camouflage procedures can alter appearance, but also the psychological and emotional well being. Most cases see a great improvement from one session, however anticipate the process requires up to three separate sessions.We recommend emailing a photo of your scar/camouflage area to be treated for review at

What Scars can be treated? 
  • Breast Reconstruction Scars 
  • Breast Reduction and Augmentation Lift Scars 
  • Plastic Surgery Scars from Face Lift 
  • Lip scar from Injectable fillers  
  • Piercing Scars on Face 
  • Blepharoplasty aka Eye Lid Surgery Scars 
  • Thyroid Scars on Neck 
  • Scars in Eye Brows from injury 
  • Scars from Accidents or Burns( only white not red/ hypertrophic) 
  • Biopsy Scars from Mohs
  • Top Surgery scars 

Dry Needling aka Multitrepanic Collagen Actuation or (MCA) is a new method of micropigmentation first developed by laser specialist Dr. Schreibner. MCA utilizes a dry needle technique (i.e. containing no pigmentation) in order to treat… however some scars will require use of carefully selected camouflage pigments to complement skintone and this will be assessed at a scheduled appointment. 

Scar Camouflage 

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