Microchanneling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the use of a specialized device to create tiny, controlled channels or micro-injuries in the skin's surface. These micro-injuries stimulate the body's natural healing process, triggering the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for skin rejuvenation and repair. 

a natural alternative to Invasive anti-aging treatments


The benefits: Causes your own body to rejuvenate collagen producing firmer skin, reduced wrinkles, retexurizes and fills in acne and chicken pock scars, Minimize and dissipate stretch marks on body, for scalp used to stimulate hair growth  

The areas that can be treated: eyes, Neck and Decolette, face and body SCALP 

Take Away:  
MicroChanneling also known as MicroNeedling is a powerful anti-aging treatment that uses Your Body’s ability to generate collagen radically smooth skin texture and is a powerful alternative to laser and PRP with no downtime Works with Your Body to rejuvenate Collagen filling in Lines, Wrinkles . Should be performed at least every 6 months  

The Skincare Vitamins to accelerate collagen building in skin and are recommended with this procedure 

Medical Grade Stem Cell Serum by Procell Therapies is recommended for home use to accelerate radical collagen building benefits in skin (insert photograph of MD serum) 

For Scalp the Procell Hair Growth Stem Cell Serum is recommended (see more on scalp microchanneling)  

In 2007 I studied dry needling for scars in California with the American Academy of Micropigmentation,

As we ended the class the doctor teaching said, we are finding amazing results on lines and wrinkles with “Dermal Skin Needling” technique. I had a client that would fly in from California to visit family and come to me for permanent cosmetic procedures. Although she was gorgeous with physique, owning a pilates studio in Southern California, she had a nemesis of wrinkles above the lip. At the time we used needles used on this problem area and after three sessions, she was thrilled her lines practically disappeared.


Micro Channeling treats- FACE and NECK and BODY STRETCH MARKS 

ADD to any treatment Decollette (improves texture) OR Hands magnificent fIller effect 

MicroChanneling treatment will rejuvenate and rebuild collagen in skin, an expert at addressing texture of skin, uses a .5 MM 24 POINT Needle or for acne and body a 1mm needle depth along with appiication of a Medical Grade Stem Cell Serum is applied, followed by the micro needling of skin with our 24 point Sterile Technique. Micro Channels of the skin are open for a short time and the serum intensifies the procedure results upto 4 times, which increase fibroblast cells producting collagen, smoothing the lines and wrinkles, filling in scars such as acne and chicken pox. The Service is followed by HA mask to reduce inflammation. A Home Care Kit of deluxe mineral make-up sample, post care cleanser and instructions included . 


 a natural alternative to Invasive anti-aging treatments 

Areas treated: jowls, marionette lines, nasal labial fold, lines above lips, around eyes, tear trough under eye can be treated with no bruising to fill in sunken look, forehead and brow furrow, Neck wrinkling and loss of elasticity greatly improved. 

Safe: suitable for all skin types even thin and previously lasered skin 2-3 months post, 3 days post Botox, 2 weeks Post Fillers such as: Juviderm, Restylane, Perlane etc. Collagen restored will last 2-5years or with natural aging process. 

Excellent treatment for upper lip lines, wrinkled, photo damage, scarring (acne/chicken pox) and stretch marks. 

Can be performed on all skin types, pigmentation marks are lightened, Redness from Rosacea is reduced due to vascular strenthening Skin is thickened, tightened and elasticity is restored on face and body. 

Fine lines/ wrinkles are resurfaced to smoother effect noticeable two weeks post. 

Can be repeated after 4-8 weeks for more increased results up to six sessions+. 

No ablation of the epidermis (minimally invasive). 

Quick Healing day of procedure slight redness may result in areas treated and a deluxe sample of mineral powder provided in Home Kit may be applied after the procedure safely. 

Treatment reaches its maximum benefit after 3- 6 months so patience is needed as the skin takes time to rejenerate collagen, using a Home Care Accelerator and Stem Cell Serum accelerates results. 

Benefits of Microchanneling? 

Christine is a Board Certified Micropigmentation Practitioner that has practiced Micro Needling since 2013. Studied under Dr. Lance Setterfeld, World Renowned MicroNeedling Expert from South Africa. All procedures are performed with sterile needles. Anesthetic is used topically during all procedures to ensure comfort.