This semi-permanent technique involves the skilled application of pigment to the brow area, meticulously mimicking the appearance of natural hair strokes. Permanent brows offer a long-lasting solution for individuals looking to achieve well-groomed and symmetrical eyebrows that frame the face beautifully. 

For those seeking eyebrow perfection

Permanent brows

The most precise, wispy hairlike strokes are created with a handtool and very fine microblade creating an immediate natural looking brow with beautiful hairstrokes that similate the size of a real hair. This is an advanced technique uses artistry and skill. This procedure should only to be performed by a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist. Microshading may also be used as a handtool method of creating denser brows especially when no hair is present.  

This technique is NOW a highly popular brow design. Powder brows create a stunning natural looking eyebrows. Using state of the art digital tattoo machine producing the alluring effect of soft natural looking powdery effect eye brows. My personal Favorite and great for sensitive skins. 

The highly skilled artistic technique uses the powder brow butgives the illusion of contrasted graduated blending, which has been popularized by celebrities on a global scale. 

This look creates a fusion of the shaded powder brow merged with hairlike strokes created with the digital machine. This is great for oily skin that loves microblading.  

Uses Nano Brow technology to create hairlke microbladed looking strokes. The design for a man brow is fuller and we will follow the pattern of hair growth to similate a masculine, strong eyebrow. Brows are pre-drawn marked and custom colors selected prior to tattoo.  

You need not suffer eyebrow hairloss from your medical condition any more! Brow hairs can be recreated and special care will be given to ensure a realistic result. At A Nu Yu, we understand medical hairloss as Christine has served a decade as a Trainer for The Look Good Feel Better Program for Cancer Patients through the American Cancer Society, has worked with Alopecia auto-immune conditions extensively (volunteering for Bald Girls Do Lunch) and TLC Organization for BFRB body focused repetitive behaviors being highly experienced wih Trichotillomania. Custom brows will be designed for you. 


Brow designs include: 

I am super satisfied with Christine’s work. I liked the time she spent planning the shape of the brow and testing my skin for the shade we decided. When you’re getting something fairly permanent on your face you want to be really happy with it. I didn't feel rushed at all, she was open to my idea's. 

Sorally Martinez

Christine is an absolute artist and perfectionist. She takes a ton of time making sure that her work is perfect, thus I now have perfect eyebrows for once in my life. Loved the experience from start to finish and was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is no pain involved in microblading. 

Linda Antignani

Time...patience...technique. These are things I do not have when it comes to makeup and especially my eyebrows and eye liner. I found Christine through a recommendation from a friend and had the microblading and eye liner procedure done. Christine could not have been more professional and is VERY talented.

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client love