Permanent eyeliner is a cosmetic procedure that uses tattooing techniques to enhance the eyes by applying long-lasting pigment along the lash line, offering a hassle-free solution for achieving defined and captivating eyes without daily makeup application.

For those seeking eyeliner perfection

Permanent Eyeliner

Create a smokey eyemake-up effect, with this eyeliner technique that looks beautiful on a fuller eyelid. A Smokey eye may use a dark color at the base and a halo of a taupe, misty blue green, khaki, or plum tone over the dark with various shading that creates the look of dynamic eyes and use the specialized technique of shading the pigment to create a soft shadow looking liner.  

One of the top requested permanent cosmetic procedures is Eyeliner! Eyeliner Pigment is long lasting and implanted using a Digitial Machine. The eyeliner technique will define your specific eye shape. Upper OR Lower liner are available as well on our Service Booking page and a significant savings to you will be offered when doing both together. Safety for your eye is taken with pre-numbing anesthetics that do not harm cornea or the eye.  

This is a very thin eyeliner effect placed in the lash root and is perfect for those who don’t want the look of a liner but due to thinning lashes have lost the definition and intensity of your eyes. 

Eyes will be tattooed taking into consideration the loss of eyelashes and pigment is applied into the lash root area as well as where normal liner placement would be. This creates an amazing camouflage that disguises the absence of lashes perfectly.  

A thin white line to open small eyes with a narrow lid. The French line is placed precisely above the upper liner of darker shade. 

eyeliner techniques

NOTE: Lash growth serums must be discontinued 6-8 weeks prior to any permanent eyeliner tattooing 

This is the place if you want highly consultative, individualized personal attention. I've been a client for close to ten years and have always received the best from Christine! Did my research, this spa has the best credentials and often the only credentials on services of any facility in CT. 

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 I have permanent cosmetic on my eyebrows, and permanent cosmetics on my lips. I’ve also had Facials, Facial Peels, Microdermabrasion, Micro channeling, and Plasma. Every year for my birthday I go see her and treat myself to something special.
Christine is dedicated to making America beautiful. She’s always willing to learn and always upgrading her skills and certifications.

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Christine is knowledgeable, professional and fun. She is a Brow Boss and helps people fill in the gaps or fully resculpt their eyebrows. Her microblading technique is precise, artful and she gives great results. Her artistic work is performed in an efficient time period at a reasonable price.

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