Permanent lip liner is a popular cosmetic tattooing technique that involves applying pigment to the lips' outline, providing a lasting and well-defined lip shape, color, and symmetry, eliminating the need for daily lip liner application.

Lip liner perfection

Permanent Lip Liner

Permanent Cosmetic Lipliner is used to define uneven lip shape and enhance small lips. Pre drawing and marking along with custom color selection is done. Profilactic cold sore medication applies with history of cold sores to lip liner procedure.  

Begins with precision lip liner tattoo followed by color pigmented into entire lip within vermillion border. This technique brings fullness to thinning lips and correcting asymmetry of lip shape. Full lip tattoo look is created with our digitial Machine for stability and perfection. NOTE: any history of even ONE cold sore will require pre-medication 2-3 days prior with Valtrex. Failure to do so could result in a cold sore eruption  

This technique involves pigmenting lips without a lipliner for a soft tinted “blushed” looking lip color.  

Say No More Cosmetic Tattoo Lips  

Note: if a history of cold sores (even one) is indicated, a prescription from your physician should be obtained and taken two days prior to any lip procedure  

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