On the Day of Treatment  

You may take an antihistamine (day 1 and up to 3 days after treatment) if you tend to swell easily  

Plasma after care gel (colloidal Silver) should be applied morning and at night until dots are not visible (3-5 days for face and 5-7 days for neck area)  

It is very important that the treated area is always kept dry aside from when caring for it.  

The swelling and the carbon crusts are important for the rejuvenation process. Apply cold pack only day one if needed. 

Tip: A ‘sunburn’ kind of sensation can be observed after treatment, the plasma after care Arnica gel can also be used directly from the refrigerator post treatment to soothe treated area. Apply Arnica Gel in after kit three times daily or as needed for first three days 

If needed immediately after treatment an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication such as Tylenol can be taken (Avoid Aspirin) 

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aftercare advice

Days After treatment 

Swelling is curbed by using Arnica Gel. It’s normal to peak on day 3 after the treatment, then swelling subsides.  

Although rare, occasional weeping of treated area in advanced treatments like brown spot removal or skin rejuvenation. It is normal and part of the healing response and continue to cleanse the area twice daily with mild soap and lukewarm sterile water,( or Colloidal Silver Liquid) and pat dry.  

Continue to Apply Colloidal Silver after care gel as directed twice daily 

After 3-7 days the carbon crust will dissolve and fall off. Once the carbon crust from the treated areas has sloughed away, you should continue to maintain well with aftercare product of colloidal sliver until no pink dots are visible 

 Once all appearance of pink dots are gone 5-10 days, You may resume your normal skincare products SPF 

Post Skincare Regime should not include Retinol products for three weeks after; however skin is very responsive to any HA (hyaluronic acid products which hold moisture without adding oil in skin) and these may be used as early as 5 days post plasma treatment 

It is Most important in the next SIX WEEKS, that (30-50) SPF cream be used on the treated areas daily to prevent pigmentation or sunburn.  

In addition, it is recommended to use a mineral powder make-up including a light SPF protection factor.  

For Eye Plasma specifically, If needed to reduce swelling: eye drops for 2-3 daily drops per eye, Brand new mascara may be used three days post upper eyelid Lifting plasma (items may be provided in post care kit)  

As the area heals and dries, a light crust can form on the skin. Do not pick, and keep clean and dry  

It is important that all "plasma points" are adequately covered with aftercare gel colloidal silver.  

Healing tips 

DO NOT SCRATCH plasma dots 

Please use only OIL FREE and perfume-free, gentle cleanser on treated area and Keep dry  

At first, it may be helpful to have a second head pillow when sleeping – sleeping position is advised to be more upright to help minimize swelling.  

For hygiene reasons it is recommended to put a towel over the pillow or change it daily to Clean pillowcase  

It is important to avoid thermal fluctuations in the first 4 weeks (ideally 6-12)  

NO (I.E., saunas, hot tubs, steam bath, Jacuzzi etc.).  

Please avoid direct sun on treated area for the next 2 months (use SPF 50 and a hat when treatment is done in summer months).  

A vitamin C supplement can help the skin to heal more rapidly and is recommended (i.e. Vitamin Probiotic Skincare Vitamins by Jane Iredale Skincare Make-up are Excellent) 

Important: Always use sunscreen or sunblock of minimum SPF 30 as soon as one week post treatment, to avoid pigmentation.  

Please do not use self-tanning agents for as long as the pink dots are present (2 weeks post treatment for tanning products)  

Colloidal Silver gel, mild cleanser, lint-free cosmetics, Q-tips, Arnica Gel to reduce swelling , take an oral Vitamin C Supplement and use a Sunblock SPF 50 ( Take An antihistamine for individuals that experience swelling more readily hyper-sensitive) 

This Non-surgical skin tightening process may be needed in more than one session to achieve desired results, your next session may be done after the 12 weeks healing process is completed. A check up at the healing mid point of 6 weeks is recommended as well as a microchanneling skin treatment at that time to accelerate the tightening of skin.  

Please text 203-415-6047 immediately if any concern arises during your treatment or call our Studio at 203-453-1112. We anticipate an excellent result for A Nu Yu!