Scalp Microchanneling with Medical grade stem cells will stimulate hair growth for thinning Hair, Hair Loss Patches, Receding Hairline (frontal fibrosing alopecia) 

used to promote hair growth

Scalp Microchanneling

The treatment involves the .5mm needle microchannel with stem cells in a series of 5 weekly sessions any serum remaining from your treatment should be applied the evening of the microchannel to ensure maximum results.  

DO NOT shampoo or wet hair for 24 hours post treatment. Avoid coloring Hair for 48 hours post treatment 

Refrain from using any other hair growth products during the treatments and 6 weeks post series. 

The NEW Home Hair Growth Serum should be used to accelerate results use 3-5 drops on scalp beginning the next day post treatment 

Some facts on why we experience hair loss: 

We are all born with 100, 000 hair follicles which start as single follicles and double and triple over time to give hair it’s thickness. As we get older, that reverses back to single follicles, so hair grows in thinner with age. 

Other reasons for thinning hair: 

Genes = Family hair patterns 

Menopause = Estrogen hormone is essential for protecting hair loss 

After Pregnancy = Shift in hormones, can cause hair to go from a growing state to a resting state, once hormone levels regulate, hair will return to normal 

Vitamins = in excess, vitamin A can effect hair growth, on the contrary, a lack of B vitamins and a lack of iron will cause hair to thin 

Weight Loss= fast weight loss (i.e., 25 pounds in a month) can cause trauma to hair 

Auto- Immune Disorders= Thyroid and Alopecia Areata (hairloss patches)  

Alopecia Totalis and Universalis conditions are not candidates for the stem cell micro needling 

Stress = when the body is stressed an uneven number of hairs transfer to the resting stage, which occurs before hair falls out 

Damaged Stem Cell Follicles= The more damage to the stem cell of a hair follicle, the more likely the the stem cell will turn into skin, causing the hair follicle to shrink 

Scalp Micro Needling works using a growth stem cell serum penetrating “micro channels” in the scalp created from the scalp needling a 50 guage needle designed especially for this treatment from PRO CELL Therapies. Treatments are done a week apart for 5 sessions. Noticeable Hair Growth appears 3-6 months after the treatments begin, The series may be repeated to desired results. 


 a natural alternative to Invasive anti-aging treatments 

Hair in an Anagen Phase or growing phase lasts three to five years 

The Catagen Phase is a transitional period lasting 10 days in which is prepares to fall out 

The Telogen Phase is a resting phase lasting three months before it begins growing again 

Scalp Camouflage in which the scalp is pigmented, a form of tattoo, done to conceal hair thinning, receding hairline, crown balding on women, and Alopecia (hairloss) patches is another wonderful option to create the illusion of hair.  

Please contact with any questions regarding your treatment  

New home scalp stem cells are recommended to be used every night to accelerate hair growth results begin showing in two weeks with new hair growth! 

Hair Growth Phases